End of Another Season

Its the end of another season. It wasn’t a great season, but it was better than the previous year. We got out and groomed 2 full times, snow was fair to good on most trails. We noticed lots of rouge rider tracks off the trails in search of more snow… we’ve said it many many times; that’s the quickest way to get a trail shut down! In watching other club’s website’s and facebook postings – more landowners are saying “enough is enough” in response to rouge riders and closing down their property.  We have been very grateful, many of our landowners are snowmobilers and or have been working with us for almost a decade, they understand a handful of irresponsible riders shouldn’t wreck it for all.


  • Landowners, for allowing a trail across your property.
  • Trail Teams, for your dedication; putting in, maintaining, and taking out the trails.
  • Groomers, for working to make the trails safe.
  • Maintenance Crews,  for making sure the equipment is in working order.
  • Board Members,  for working year round making sure things get done.
  • Club Members,   for supporting the club which has been in existence for 49 years.
  • Area Business & Governmental Sponsors, for helping us…help you. We all benefit!
  • Area & Visitor Riders, for respecting property owners, using proper riding techniques, and staying safe!