We got SNOW

OK we finally got enough snow that has covered most fields.
CONDITIONS: Fair to Good  ** Use Caution ** there are many drifts that our groomers can’t get through yet. Snow is powder, trails are getting
South Trail – Groomed – 90% covered some thin spots. No Ice spots detected.
River Bend Spur Trail – Groomed – 90% covered.
Industrial Trail – Groomed – 100% covered.
Lyndale Trail – Groomed – 100% covered,. Icy in a few spots.
Sakatah Trail (our section trailhead to Humphrey Elevator) – Groomed –               100% covered.
North Trail – Groomed except one mile section on west side of Co Rd 46
south of Co Rd 1. 10 ft drifts our groomers cant get through yet.  100%  covered.
West Trail – 97% Groomed, west 3 miles not done yet. Lots of drifting.
Roberd’s Lake Trail – not groomed yet.
East Trail – not groomed yet.
Nerstrand Park Trail – not groomed yet.
We will be grooming again this week probably; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
As usual…ride responsibly !
One landowner has become so fed up with irresponsible snowmobilers, that he is revoking permission to utilize his property next year. Our trail has been across his property for twenty years = all because of snowmobiles trespassing. What a shame (the sleds were 1/4 mile from the trail all over his property) . THANKS ALOT !!