Grooming and trail Conditions 1/24/21

Sakatah State trail was groomed today from Faribault to Mankato and back. A lot of sleds we’re out today. I was out on the West trail and the plowed fields were a little rough but the rest of the trail was good. Our other trails are about the same from other drivers that were out sledding today. I saw a lot of sleds out running the trails today as well as the other sledders that reported to me about the trails. I will update about grooming this week. Some pics from today.

Top 6 pics are of the West trail
East trail
Nerstrand State Park

Sakatah State Trail grooming today

Groomed the state Trail all the way to Mankato January 24th 2021. The trail is in good to Fair shape. Got the drifting knocked down between Elysian and Mankato. Ran across over 60 snowmobiles and about 20 people walking on the trail. Highway 21 overpass has marginal snow. There’s a photo where the left side is freshly groomed the right side of the photo is 2 hours old.

This was a report from Alex ,the groomer driver today.

Sheriff out today