Faribo Sno-Go Club Trail Leaders, Installers & Groomers:

 “Thank You One & All For Pitching InWhen we all work together – things get done easier”!


West ( N Trail east of Co Rd 36 to Le Sueur Co Line) – Leader: looking for someone & helpers; This season Larry Shepherd took the bull by the horns and sectioned the trail out into thirds; Tom Murphy took the far west section, Dale & Dawson Drentlaw took the east section and Larry Shepherd, Dick Larson, Gordy Adamek took the middle section.

North (N of Hwy 21/Roberd’s Lake Blvd  to Millersburg Waterford Warrior Trail) – Leader Larry Shepherd & helpers; Randy Feyereisn, Gordy Adamek

Roberd’s Lake/King Mill/South Airport (Roberd’s Lake access to Western Ave) – Leader Dean Quinnell & helpers; Steve Brown, Travis Beaupre

 Airport North Trail – Is indefinitely closed due to Airport runway and no route through the swamp available. Use Airport South Business Loop

 Lyndale Ave (North/East side Hwy 21 NW Airport – South, Hwy 3 to Hullet, Co Rd 48 to Highland Place) – Leader Dale Drentlaw & helpers; Ray Bauer Jr , Dick Larson

(new) Industrial (Hwy 21 – The Shack) –Leader Jerry Cruikshank, Installed by Dick Larson

South (Ladonna Lane – Steele Co line) –Leader Dave Steinbauer & helper; Dick Larson

East (9th Ave SW – Nerstrand Goodhue Co Line) –   Leader Earl Graham & helpers; Jim Schrot, Dan Hall, Kert Peterson, Rick Bartness.

RBNC  (East Trail/Sunshine Ln/Glynview Tr – Rusted Rd) – Leader Al Matzke & helper; Dick Larson

Nerstrand State ParkLeader Alex Manz & helpers; Dave Steinbauer, Jerry Cruishank

 DUBE BRIDGE WAS BUILT in 7 hours – Excellent work…BY Project Leader Dale Drentlaw and Helpers; Mike Clevenger, Dick Larson, Earl Graham, Rick Bartness, Dave Steinbauer, Gordy Adamek, Donna Slinger, Laura Drentlaw

 Damaged / Broken Equipment:

1.      Three (3) Disk Gang Arms

2.      Citizen ran his vehicle into the left side of our disk as it was being driven down the road (night, all flashing lights on, reflectors in place marking disk) Turned over to Insurance – disputing who’s at fault.

3.      One (1) Disk Gang Arm was Stolen (as it was sitting next to building – prior to its repair)

4.      Noticed 99 Ranger has broken/missing wheel arm spacers

5.      One (1) ASV boggy wheel rubber came off while brush hogging

6.      One (1) John Deere Loader Arm support broke while building bridge (under warranty)

so we have some repair work to do soon, if you’d like to help let us know

 AGAIN THANKS to all who helped with the trails AND ESPECIALLY TO THE; wives, children, and extended families… who put up with all the volunteer time it takes – the club appreciates it and I know the community at large also appreciates it!

 Any questions, comments or constructive criticism about our trail system, signage, feel free to call or e-mail the Trail Administrator;

Richard Larson 507-323-0174

LET IT – – – – – – S N O W!