Trail conditions as of 1/13/23

I was out on the west trail and went to Kilkenny in LeSueur county. Conditions were good to excellent, few bumps. There is enough snow cover on plowed fields and plenty on the rest of the trail. With the weekend warm up, hopefully trails will hold up. Trails could use a little grooming, but we are committed to Sakatah State Trail west of Elysian to Mankato. This part of the trail has very large snow drifts. The club rented a large snowblower to see if we can get through to groom that part of the state trail. That part of the trail will be closed for the weekend. We have had a few calls from snowmobilers that think they are entitled to perfect trails and believe that our volunteer club members get paid to do the work. As club members we all know that is not true. So hopefully we can bust through and get the job done.

Here are some pictures of trail to Kilkenny. I would think most of the rest of the trails would be in good shape also.

LeSueur county Trail

Toy Box restaurant in Kilkenny