Trails are being prepped for the upcoming Snowmobile Season

Working with our Quadsaw on the Sakatah State Trail. DNR did not have the power equipment to trim up to 14 feet. They would have to do it manually. This saw makes the job easy, other than having to remove limbs that got cut off laying on the ground. Trail was cleared from Faribault to Waterville. Thanks to Larry S, Jerry V, Dave S, Bob L, Alex M. and Randy V.

State Trail Brushing crew

New Bridge Install, East Trail

Needed a new bridge on the East trail. Crew got together on Wednesday and set up the foundation ,then set bridge frame structure into place. The next day was the day to do the decking. Finished bridge installed in less than 2 days. Thank you to Larry S ,Dave S, Jerry V, Jim S, Randy V. And Travis B. for the use of heavy duty trailer.

Setting Bridge in Place

Finished bridge
Decking Crew

Disking Plowed Fields for trails

This is one of the worst jobs. Plowed fields are usually so rough if they do not get disked. Thank you Larry S for doing this task today while the fields are dry.

Working on trail
Rough plowed Field
Finished trail