Trails are Signed and Ready for the Season to Begin

The trail crews have been busy in the past few weeks. From brushing, bridge work , disking to signing the trails. There are only a couple of fields that we are waiting for the plowing to be done. West trail needed to be rerouted around Shieldsville.

Sharing some pictures and comments made by Larry S. Thank you

Ready to install trail signs

Thanks to Shane D, Tom M, John M, Gavin M, & Mark G – 98% of the club’s West trail was signed today. Shane D, John M & Gavin M Signed 60% last Saturday. Other than one field that still needs to be worked, a difficult re-route, and one winching every thing went well.

Thanks to Dean Q, Steve B, Jeb B, Travis B and Parker B their part of the clubs North trail and 90% of the Roberds Lake trail has been signed. Thanks for volunteering your time today! Your help is very much appreciated!!

With this portion complete our 106.7 miles of trail is 99% ready for SNOW.

Thanks Mike & Cheryl C for signing the Big Woods State Park. It takes dedication to do it at night!!

Thanks to Mike D for signing the trail from Ladonna Lane to Rice Co 39.

Thanks to Matt H, Randy V, Jerry V, Joe S and Mark M the clubs North trail has been signed. Thanks for volunteering your time to make this happen! Your help is very much appreciated!!

Thanks to Earl G, Jim S, Troy R, Rob R, Rick B and Kert Pour East trail from Co 19 near SE Faribault to the Goodhue Co line Just SE of Nerstrand has been signed. It’s great to see this spirited crew show up at this time each year ready to go to work. They put in around 20 miles of trail.

Thanks goes out to Dave S and Joe W for signing the Nature Center Spur trail and part of the East trail from Co 19 to Co 45 today.

Thanks to Dave S, Jan S and Billy G the South trail from Co 39 to the Steele Co line and the East trail from the Sakata-Singing Hills Trail to Co 45 by the Jr High is signed. We all appreciate your dedication to snowmobile trails!!