TRAILS???? What Trails

April 1st is the official close of the snowmobile trails here in southern MN. The Faribo Sno-Go Trails are done though. No snow, water standing, ditches  & fields muddy.

North Trail was closed last week. All Signs removed except a mile section on Co Rd 46 south of Millersburg those are still under drifts.
Roberd’s Lake Trail  & South Airport Trail were closed today. All signs removed and placed in storage at the Shack. (one or two standing in water in fields)
South Trail…who knows when that will get out, with the rain many of the trail signs are standing in water. 
RBNC Trail …too muddy
East Trail…haven’t heard yet on that
Nerstrand Park Trail…still snow piles in the woods
West Trail…leader thinks he’s team will try for April 6th to pull that trails signs.
Lyndale Trail & Industrial Park Trail…too wet, standing and running water to get signs out.