A Thank you to Paul Hubmer for giving supper to our groomer driver last night on the trail.

Our groomer driver was on the Sakatah state trail grooming and was surprised and very appreciative by the generosity from Paul to flag him down and give him food. Paul is a snowmobiler and does care that the trails are getting groomed. We had some negative feedback on sections of this trail not being groomed, but it takes a little time to figure out what to do with that nasty section of trail. This is our 3rd year grooming that section from Elysian to Mankato. When it blows it drifts so much in between the trees on the trail it’s hard to just drive groomer through without getting stuck. Two other clubs gave it up because it was very difficult for grooming and would damage groomers. We are doing our best to get it done. Faribo Sno-go club. Thank you Paul.