Big Meltdown!!!

We got snow…then it melted. Snowed some more…and melted. And then it sorta snowed and now the big meltdown. Looks like the season maybe over 🙁   We groomed twice more than last season at least.

Trails are in very poor condition. Water in ditches, creeks & rivers running, what ice is on lakes is thinning fast. Many surrounding clubs are shutting down their trails. We don’t officially close them until April 1st. But with bare ground and water hazards, its not good to try to ride. It just tears up the grass, causes mud spots, killing grass at road ditch tops and in plain language doesn’t look environmentally responsible to our landowners. We’ll have to get 10+ inches of snow to ride again.

Our Trail Installers and Groomers did a great job, with what they had! Our equipment was in great working order thanks to our maintenance committee. And the Landowners Banquet is right around the corner.