East Trail bridge work

Bridge on east trail needed to be updated for our Tractor and groomer to cross. We had to dismantle old bridge first so we can use 2 beams for new bridge. Today was the day to take bridge apart.

On our way to one of the east trail Bridges

We are here, so the job of dismantling bridge starts. Most of the screws came out ,but a few were stubborn.

Taking a well deserved break.

Next was to remove two main beams over creek. Things went well and they came right out.

This is what was left, two outside beams. These beams will stay there till new bridge is done. They will be used for supporting new bridge when it is pulled across the creek. I went into creek with waders to remove a couple of logs that were creating a dam in the creek. Deck material was stored on site.

Now it was time to bring what was left of the bridge to the road. Put the bridge on a car trailer (which was a little too long) to be hauled back to the Shack.

On our way back to the Shack, trailer was hanging a little low. Just took our time. Finally Done with a little beverage and treats.

See what you had missed by not helping out!

Thank you to Larry S. , Jerry V. , Dave S. and Randy V. for performing this great feat.