Friday-The Shack


Wow!  Another good day of cleaning ,organizing and repairing. Thank you goes out to Dave S. , Dave Lee , Jim S. , Earl G. , Jerry V. and Randy V. for a  job well done. Accomplished quite a few things today. Jim S. welded groomer. Others cleaned out number 2 building, moved panels for shelter at Shager park (radar run) into the large shed. The two Dave’s cut some sign post, I pressure washed and disinfected two portable toilets, pressure washed building 5 panels, that were installed on Thursday.

Removed portable bridge from building 4 and it is now ready for West Trail sign barrels. Thank you also goes out Jan Steinbauer for the delicious coffee cake, this was a nice treat. Nice try Dave S. when he pulled them from the oven at the shack.

Another good day of conversation at The Shack. Stop out!