Update 1/27/21 Grooming Trails

Grooming Trails today 1/26/21

Driver out today grooming North trail, from Faribault to Millersburg . The West trail , from Faribault to Shieldsville to LeSeuer county line. Trails are good to fair. Plowed fields still remain on the fair part of the trail. Snow on the trails are not perfect but are ridable. Most ditches are ridable

Grooming Continues 1/27/21

Grooming East trail from Faribault to Nerstrand State Park to Nerstrand to Goodhue county line. South trail from Faribault to Steele county line.

Out and about on a few trails today. Plowed field trails are poor the rest of trails are good. Few pic’s from today.

Plowed field, not all plowed field trails are poor.
LeSeuer county trail a the East county line plowed field trail is rough
Standing on LeSeuer county side looking at Rice county, Faribo Sno-Go trail. Zoom in to see better