Check out our Trails, any Snow?

Today January 27, 2022

Tractor and roller went out today to see if we can pack the snow down. It is somewhat working, at least making it better. Not a lot of snow to work with. This has been a hard year to get enough snow. Saturday the groomer will be working the Sakatah state trail towards Mankato to knock down drifts.

Out and about on the North and West trails today. They are not horrible, plowed fields are a little rough with some snow, or snirt on them. All the other parts of the trails are decent and very ridable. The winter is getting short, already February in a few days. Here are a few pics out on the trail. I have not been out on the East or South trail, but I would assume they would be similar. Just have to get out and ride and have fun.

Zoom in into the woods that’s part of the trail.