Just a little late in the year ( Had to bring out the Big Boy)

Nice snow fall, just too late in the year to have any long term fun with our snowmobiles. I see a few tracks out in the ditches, so some of us are not ready to stop sledding. Its mid April and it is time for spring sunshine . Went out to The Shack this morning to check if we needed to plow. Too much snow at gate to just drive in, about two feet of hard snow . Parking lot had about eighteen inches of snow that must have blown in and the base was ice. We tried to plow with Rangers but it was not working very well.  So we bought out the Big Boy (tractor) with snow blade and moved a lot of snow and cleaned up the rest with the Ranger.  At The Shack this morning, Jerry V. Dave S. and Randy V.  If you see vehicles at The Shack stop in check out the conversations .