Mandatory Trail Installers / Groomers Meeting

IF you haven’t noticed… the fall harvest is proceeding quickly.

So we need to schedule a Mandatory Trail Installers / Groomers Meeting we usually meet in the early evening 7pm – 9pm.

Those that should attend are:

* Any and all members interested in being a groomer should attend.

* All Trail Installation Leaders and/or their Assistant Leaders {we have not had Assistants before…we’d like the team to designate an Asst Leader one who would be willing to take over in the future};

Lyndale Trail: Leader Dale Drentlaw, Asst.

Industrial Park/Shack Trail: Leader Jerry Cruikshank, Asst. Dick Larson

North Trail: Leader Larry Shepherd, Asst.

South Airport Trail: none

Roberd’s Lake Trail: Leader Dean Quinnell, Asst.

West Trail: none

South Trail: Leader Dave Steinbauer, Asst. Dick Larson

RBNC Trail: Leader Al Matzke, Asst.

East Trail: Leader Earl Graham, Asst.

Nerstrand Trail: Leader Alex Manz, Asst. 

 Any and all members interested in being a groomer:

 Our Date Options are;

  • Oct 8th
  • Oct 9th
  • Oct 10th
  • Oct 11th
  • Oct 15th
  • Oct 16th
  • Oct 17th

Please pick 2 dates and let Trail Administrator know.

 We will be discussing:

  1. Each Trail
  2. Trail Maintenance
  3. Signage Requirements
  4. Shack assigned trail areas, and handing out keys.
  5. Shack assigned area repairs/remodeling
  6. Shack Workshop
  7. Bridge Repair & Maintenance
  8. Ranger Use
  9. Groomer Training
  10. Field Disking