Out on North and West trail today.1/4/23

Still snowing today,hard to see trail. Trails are very good on what I was on. Be careful going through the woods,some branches are down and are hanging low with ice and snow. Some pics from today’s ride.

Branch broken
Trees and limbs hanging on trail
Moved a large branch to the right

Report West trail into LeSueur county Trails.

We just rode the west trail to Kilkenny, then to Waterville and back home, there are some low hanger’s between Waterville and Morristown. Report submitted by Shane D. Thank you.

Some pics of Sakatah trail where we could not get through with the groomer.

Pic’s we’re taken by DNR maintenance today. They are deciding what they can do with the trail. I believe that part of trail is closed. That is west of Madison lake.

Deep drift
6 to 8 ft drifts