Sno Go Newsletter November 2023

Happy Thanksgiving

submitted by Larry Shepherd

By-Laws Change

The By-Laws Change to increase the Club Dues from $35 to $45 PASSED at our general membership meeting.  Effective Oct 13, 2023, the Faribo Sno-Go Dues are now $45 Per Year.

Thanks Volunteers!!

We want to thank the Volunteers who have been brushing trails and preparing them for signing and snowing.    THANK YOU!! Working on Sakatah State Trail for snowmobile use | Faribo Sno-Go Club (

 Volunteers Needed!!

Here it is Nov 1st already, which is only a month away from the time of the year we all look forward to “Snowmobile Trail Opening on Dec 1st”. This is the busiest time of the year for club members, as we have to brush and disk large portions of our trail to ride with marginal snow and enjoy the ride. We must also make numerous signs to safely guide snowmobilers to their destination and help prevent trespassing on private property. If you have time to help, please call our Trail Administrator, Tony Balata, @ 507-838-0256. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! NOTE: Tony has hit the ground running as he has been involved in landowner changes brushing and has attended seminars on DNR/RTP Grants,  Safety and Trail Signing.

We want to thank the Volunteers who have been out brushing trails and getting them prepared for signing and then snow.    THANK YOU!! Working on Sakatah State Trail for snowmobile use | Faribo Sno-Go Club (

Other Volunteer Needs!!

We need Volunteers to work at Faribault’s Winterfest on Saturday, Dec 2nd, 2023.  We are setting up a tent on Central Ave just south of the State Bank at 3 pm, where we will serve beer and other alcoholic drinks from 5 pm to 10 pm (server training required) and possibly cookies, soup and hot dogs. We will also decorate (date to be announced) our JD and Groomer for the parade on Saturday evening with Santa as the driver.  NOTE: This is one of our only fundraisers that requires lots of help.

Please call or text Larry Shepherd @ 507-838-1646 or contact any other board member.

Server Training

This training will be held at the club house @ 6 pm, Nov 16, 2023.  NOTE: This training is required every two years for anyone serving alcohol.

Groomer Fund Raiser Display Board  

THANKS to the DONORS and Everyone that helped with this fundraiser!!  We consider it a success!! 

Now, the Display Board is updated with our new DONORS.

New Groomer Display Board Advertisers

Channel Inn

Harry Browns Automotive Center

Met Con

Steele County Trail Association

Tri-Lakes Sportsmen’s Club

The Lodge on Lake Mazaska

Faribault Insurance

Kenyon Snowdrifters

Community CO-OP Oil Assn

LaCanne’s Marine

Sette Sports Center

Southern Shores Dock & Lift

State Bank of Faribault

Randy & Wanda Velishek

Tony and Laurie Balata

Toy Box Saloon Kilkenny

Graham Family

Bob Linn Memorial

Bauers Southside Liquor

Grandma’s Lakeside Resort

Knish Kustomz Automotive Upholstery

Reliance Bank

Sakatah Trail Sno-Cruisers

Shepherd’s Automotive (Justin & Jenny)

Tom’s Pro Glass

Jerry & Emily Velishek

Kurt & Diana Kluzak

Larry & Judy Shepherd

Mike & Cheryl Clevenger

Randy & Lynn Feyereisn

Club Meeting, Nov 14, 2023

The next Club meeting will be held at the Club House (839 30th St NW) at 6:30 p.m. All Members and Prospective Members are welcome to attend.  These meetings have been very informative and short. 

Volunteers Needed to help with Club Functions.

We can always use help with the club picnic, annual meetings, sign repair, trail signage, maintenance of equipment and fundraising. We also need members willing to step up as Club Officers and Board Members.  Your help in any club function is greatly appreciated and helps us have award-winning trails!!

MnUSA Calendars

We still have MnUSA Calendars for sale for $20. The club receives $5 for each calendar sold if we sell 100. Three hundred sixty-five prizes range from $2500 to 20 for $250 or more and $50 on each remaining Saturday and Sunday, and $25 on each remaining day Monday to Friday.

Please Text Larry Shepherd @ 507-838-1646 if you are interested. I have 39 left to sell.

Keep up to date on events and meeting times by following us at:

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              Facebook: Faribo Sno-Go Club

You can also check out for Minnesota snowmobiling events nationwide.

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2023-2024 Executive Board and Board Members


President – Randy Feyereisn                           Vice President – Open

Secretary – Emily Velishek                                Treasurer – Shane DeGrood

Publicity – Christie Bluhm                                Membership – Travis Beaupre

Past President – Earl Graham                         Trail Administrator – Tony Balata

Board of Directors:  

Randy Velishek                                                Jerry Velishek

Rick Bartness                                                   Larry Shepherd                                     

Nathan Shaw                                                   Kurt Kluzak

Mike DeGrood                                                 Joe Schrot                                

Mark Gillen