“The Shack”

Haven’t entered anything for sometime!

Thursday April 26th Club Members met to vote on consolidating our storage needs into one facility that will house our: machinery, equipment, signs, posts, tools, etc. The vote was unanimously APPROVED

There have been many groups working at the new facility that has been named “The Shack”. Much improvements have been accomplished.  All of the club’s equipment, machinery, signs & barrels have been relocated from previous locations to the new facility. Each Trail Team has their own storage area. There is a central workshop, and meeting/social area.

There is still work that needs to be completed that we need help with: carpentry work on (2) doors, Installation of a Garage door lift, Improvements to (2) Garage door tracks, Cleanout and repair to one out-building, Electrical & Lighting improvements, and Roof repair to the picnic shelter. Members to take turns donating use of their time and lawnmowers to mow the complex grounds  (1 acre).

Still looking for some items for the facility: kitchen type cabinets for the workshop, and chairs for the meeting/social area. 

WANT TO HELP?  Call Trail Administrator Dick Larson 507-323-0174