Trail Conditions as of 11/29/19

Most of our trails are in, but each trail has a field that is not out yet. North trail has had a snowmobiler that went on the unmarked trail that took down a electric fence. This trail is signed now and the wire is rolled up. Please watch for the electric fence in this pasture as their is more fencing up, Make sure you just stay on trail. East trail is being signed today and the reroute is being brushed and signed also. West trail is done as far as it can be, this because some fields are not picked or they want to plow. South trail is in but a field has corn standing yet.

We are hoping to get things finished up with in the next week. Remember Trails are still closed

Fun Event downtown Faribault.

Next weekend is WINTERFEST in Faribault, Saturday December 7 Come and join us for a fun event. VINTAGE SLED SHOW 1 to 4 pm, 5:30 parade of lights and fireworks and live music after. There will be food and hot and cold beverages for adults and children. Faribo Sno-go club is sponsoring sled show and the food and beverages. Please join us.