Trail UpDate

TRAIL WORK is Completed:

TRAILS ARE OPEN TODAY; however we need at least 8+ “inches to best cover the trail. 

BE ADVISED: The NORTHWEST TRAIL from Hwy21 & Airport Drive around the Northside of the Airport is CLOSED INDEFINATELY due to the airport expansion and no clear route thru the swamp. 
USE the SOUTHWEST TRAIL from Hwy 21 & Airport Drive (by Harley Davidson/ J & J) around the Airport to access the ROBERD’S LAKE, NORTH + WEST TRAILS.

* Roberd’s Lake Trail – is fully installed. 
South Trail – Completed, All signs installed – ready for SNOW. 
* RBNC Trail  City Corridor – we are working on new trail signage, within RBNC and Tee Pee Tonka Park. Remember to; Share the trail with Pedestrians, 10 mph, Stay on marked snowmobile trails.
* East Trail – Ready to go. All signage installed, and trees trimmed.
* Lyndale Trail – signs been installed. USE CAUTION ~ Hwy 3/21 Project may not be finished – be aware of equipment & material on the trail. The City is having problems with Rud Construction General Contractor and K.A. Witte subcontractors moving equipment & material off the trail. They’ve been asked, told, warned about this for over a month. 
* North Trail – Trail signage has been completed. Had to go back in a disc another field and resign.
* West Trail – Signs are installed. Stay on the Trail or Lose the Privlege to Ride on the Property… we do have landowners that had problems with sleds roamng far off the trail last season – that’s  trespassing!
* Nerstrand ParkBe Advised: due to bridge construction a reroute has been made. Take care riding in the park!