Trails are all Groomed now 1/29/20

Sign Repair

Club trail grooming status: Jan, 29 – 3:30 pm

  1. Trail from Faribault to the Steele Co. Line -Groomed Wed, Jan 22
  2. Trail from Faribault to Millersberg – Groomed, Jan 26
  3. Trail from Faribault to the Goodhue Co. Line – Groomed, Jan 26
  4. The Sakata-Singing Hills Trail from Faribault to Waterville – Groomed, Tue, Jan 28
  5. The Hwy 21 Corridor Trail through Faribault – Groomed, Tue, Jan 28, 11pm
  6. The West trail to Shieldsville and toward Kilkenny- Groomed, Wed, Jan 29, 3 pm.
  7. The Roberd’s Lake Trail groomed on on side of the stakes. The field where the intersection to Winjum’s and Ung’s is located is very rough plowing. PLEASE USE CAUTION if riding on this trail.

Also use CAUTION in any swampy areas or where water may be under the snow as we filled in some areas where the snow had collapsed!!

We will be grooming as conditions allow. Please check the website or this Facebook page for updates. You can also call 507-838-2693 to identify hazards or concerns.

All of our trails are done for this week. Hopefully the forecasted warm weather will be kind to our trails and we will be able to groom next week.

Riding along with Trail Groomer

Today I went with one of the groomer drivers on the West trail. This is an interesting ride with a passion for laying down a nice trail. This is a very slow ride that can get tiresome with the bumpy trails especially on the plowed fields. I have to thank these drivers for dedicating their time to making excellent trails for us to run our sleds on.

While riding in the groomer tractor I could see myself driving my sled down the trail zipping along.

For me , I prefer a set of handle bars in front of me and give it gas and go as fast as I want. What a great feeling you get from snowmobiling.

Grooming is a slow process to make rough trails of snow into smooth excellent trails.

Can you see yourself riding down the trail.
Checking things over
Cab camera watching drag being pulled
One of the many Brood of Turkeys

Was out yesterday with our sleds and had to stop at one of our map sponsors for refreshments