Wheres the Snow

The Faribault area has continually been left out in getting it’s share of snow. We are suppose to get a few more inches tonight but this will still be not enough. The trails have a range of about 1-4 inches of snow, which makes them in very poor condition. Tilled fields need another 12+ inches of heavy snow to make them passible.  With the 40 degree warm up the other day also came ice dams, and icy trail conditions = USE CAUTION.

We will not be out grooming until we get a lot more snow.

HOWEVER WE WILL BE HOLDING THE 26th Annual Cannon Lake Shootout RADAR RUN and 3rd Vintage Sled Show
JANUARY 18  10am-3pm Shager Park, Cannon Lake Hwy 60 W
For full details check it out on the Events Page