Working on Sakatah State Trail 1/14/23

Saturday night update 5pm,

Trail is groomed, but it does need a final grooming which will be Sunday . So, trail is a little rough but rideable. Watch out for the groomer on Sunday and thank you for your patience.

Sakatah trail is groomed to Elysian. West of Elysian about 3 miles we are working on drifts. Snow blower on tractor really did not work. The blower had a hard time cutting snow because it was too hard and deep.

Sent our JD groomer in with drag and tried to knock some of the drifts down. It left the trail like a rollercoaster. Groomer got in about halfway, dropped in a hole between drifts and was stuck, but still had a couple of feet to move. Took a while to get it moving. In the process of backing up, drag got crossways in trail, ended up tearing off box on back of drag. Eventually JD made it out. Took about 1 1/2 hours to go 1 mile. I talked to driver around 2 hours later and he was close to hwy 22. So, looks like he made progress, and the trail will be groomed. Not sure in places how smooth it will be, but it will be better than it was.

It was interesting that we had trail closed signs up and sleds ignore them or were oblivious to them. Had equipment on trail by road and they almost ran us over.

Some pic’s of trail work

They may not look deep,(hard to get camera to show) it was around 6 ft drifts as you went in farther into trail.
Climbing over snow banks, the other side of bank drops right off
Going in a little wash boardy
Zoom in real close to where groomer got almost stuck
Out the other side
Heading in on trail and drifts

Made it to Mankato